Heck yeah, glue me to the side of a building Spider-Man style
Guy Builds Hot Glue Gun That Can Shoot Up To 30-Feet, Glues Toilet, Anvil To Side Of His Car

This is a video of Youtuber discussing and building the Stickler, a hot glue gun (complete with proton pack) that can shoot up to thirty feet, then using it to glue a toilet and anvil to the side of his Subaru (it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru). Obviously, I need one of these for my Halloween costume this year. “What are you gonna be?” I’m going to be a man with a hot glue gun who isn’t afraid to use it. “Sounds more like you’re going to be arrested before sundown.” FACT. Is there even going to be a Halloween this year? I’m trying to make out with my girlfriend dressed as a Ninja Turtle. “You or her?” BOTH.

Keep going for the video, actual gluing starts after 5:00.