I call the principal's office!
Guy Gives Tour Of The School He Lives In

These are several TikTok videos from Riley Hansen, who lives in an old school. Apparently he and several others bought the building and land for only $15,000 (a steal!) and have put about $100,000 into it so far making it more hospitable. I don’t know about you, but I would totally live in an old school. Or an old factory. Or church! Really anything beats the tiny shoebox apartment I live in now. FUN FACT: If I starfish in bed I can pee in the shower and cook an omelet on the stove at the same time.

Keep going for a brief tour, two videos highlighting the positives and negatives of living in an old school, and an explanation of how they bought it.

Thanks again to JustA, who I’m having a hard time convincing that we should buy a mid-century modern home.


Yea I live here every day of my life

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Thanks yet again to JustA, who, for three tips in a day, receives yet another gold star sticker to adorn her Trapper Keeper.