"Turning defense into offense!"
Unholy Smokes: Woman Builds Glowing & Smoking Overwatch/Diablo Demonic Shield

This is a video of Svetlana of KamuiCosplay building a shield inspired by Brigitte’s from Overwatch, but with a demonic Diablo theme for a mashup cosplay she’s been working on. The final result is stunning to say the least, and I particularly liked the fiery glowing LED effects she shows off around 17:50. Could you imagine that thing hanging over your fireplace mantle when a few friends come over for a dinner party and ask what’s being served and you respond “You!” with a booming laugh and they’re honestly not sure if you’re being serious or not and all start planning an exit strategy via text.

Keep going for the video, but skip all the way to 17:29 if you don’t want to watch the build because you insist on pretending you have something better to do.

UPDATE: Also added videos of the demonic flail weapon and armor (part 1) that go along with the same cosplay.

Thanks to my good pal/mortal enemy Terry, who has the platinum trophy for Diablo III: Reaper Of Souls, and that’s his only platinum.