Oh man, love the zoomies.
Awww: Newborn Baby Rhino With The Zoomies

This is a video of a currently unnamed newborn female southern white rhino calf doing zoomies around her mom Jamila in their holding pen at the Aukland Zoo in New Zealand. The calf was born August 14th and marks the first rhino birth at the zoo in the last 20 years. Is there going to be a contest to name her? Because I name her Zoomy. I like how the mother is so calm while the baby is running around. I can only assume that, just like in humans, it’s an important psychological survival skill to be able to tune your children out when you need to so they don’t drive you insane. Watch: hey mom, hey mom, hey mom, HEY MOM, HEY MOM, HEY MOM. See? If it wasn’t for the nervous tic you’d swear she didn’t even hear me.