99 cans of beer on the wall, 99 cans of beer...
It’s Perfect: Florida Condo For Sale With Interior Walls Entirely Covered With Budweiser Beer Cans

These are some real estate listing photos of a $100,000 condo for sale in Lake Worth, Florida, where the previous owner covered almost all interior walls with Budweiser cans like they’re wallpaper that previously got you drunk. Man — that is something. I especially like all the cans that have gotten dented over the years, presumably the result of some drunken stumbling. No word if the previous owner recently passed away due to liver failure, but I doubt all those cold ones drank themselves. “We should buy it and make it a party house.” I already submitted a $200,000 offer expecting a bidding war.

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  1. TheCureForHope

    Yea one rowdy party and that place is going to look like a recycling center.

  2. MostlyPonies

    I like it. But it’d be annoying to dust.