Life, uh, finds a way.
Jeff Goldblum Reviews Impressions Of Himself

This is a video from Vanity Fair (I read every issue from cover to cover) of actor Jeff Goldblum reviewing impressions of himself, including those by (in order) David Duchovny, Matt Friend, Bryan Cranston, Justin Ripple, and Tom Hiddleston. Honestly, I thought Justin Ripple’s might have been the best. The real Jeff Goldblum though — what a character! And what a stud in Jurassic Park. Did I tell you I commissioned a painting of him lounging shirtless from the scene in the movie (this one)? Because I did. Well, actually my girlfriend did, I just say I did because otherwise it’s weird to have on the ceiling above the bed.

Thanks to Jessica E, who agrees nobody knows chaos theory quite like Dr. Ian Malcolm.