Well that must have been an experience.
Kayaker Spots Whale Feeding Its Calf With Tail Suspended Straight Up In The Air

Spotted by Australian kayaker Brodie Moss, this is a clip (including some drone footage) of a humpback whale “tail sailing” in order to comfortably feed its calf. Some more info about the phenomenon while I totally don’t Google whale tails and go down a thongy rabbit hole:

When a whale raises its wet fluke above the surface and allows the sea breeze to catch on the large surface area it works very similar to air-conditioning. ….A young calf will not be able to feed for long periods of time before they need to surface for air. A female whale who feeds her calf in this position can not only keep cool (and a close eye on her calf!) but her teats are closer to the surface this way which enables a young calf to feed and breathe easily.

I still find it totally wild that whales have teats. I mean of all the things I’d expect to have teats, whales aren’t one of them. Not even top ten. Mother Nature is WILD. Also, really depressed with the way we’ve been treating the world. I heard Captain Planet even started drinking again.