Not my boss. I'm kidding, totally my boss.
‘Leave Pity City’: CEO Responds To Employees Asking What If They Don’t Get A Bonus

This is a video of MillerKnoll (the furniture company resulting from the acquisition of Knoll by Herman Miller) CEO Andi Owen responding to employees who aired concerns that they’ll lose their bonuses this year. Is this a Christmas Vacation Jelly Of The Month Club situation? Apparently there’s some anger since Andi took home $3.9-million in bonuses last year in addition to her $1.1-million base salary, although it’s unclear if she will personally get a bonus this year. Me? I’m not motivated by bonuses. I’m only motivated by the satisfaction of knowing I did a job the best it could be done. I’m kidding, I’m only motivated by not getting fired. My non-work related motivators are food and petty revenge.