Fancy Feast Releases Cookbook For Humans To Pair Their Meal With Their Cat’s

Because apparently there’s no such thing as cat ladying too hard, Fancy Feast has released a cookbook for humans (available for download in PDF form here) inspired by the flavors of its new Fancy Feast Petite entrees for cats. That way, you can pair your dinner with your cat’s. Alternatively, just buy two Fancy Feast Petites and each lick one off a saucer on the kitchen floor like an even normaler person.

Recipes such as “Salmon and Zucchini with a Miso Honey Glaze” pairs for humans perfectly with the “Petites Seared Salmon Entrée with Spinach In Gravy” for cats, the “Whitefish and Asparagus with Buerre Blanc” is a wonderful accompaniment to ” Petites Ocean Whitefish Entrée with Tomato In Gravy“, and the “Chicken Bolognese Loaf with Angel Hair Pasta” goes nicely with “Petites Grilled Chicken Entrée with Rice In Gravy”.

Now I’m not saying if you find yourself pairing your dinner with your cat’s that maybe it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your life, because, honestly, if you’ve already gone this far there’s no going back. Just start pushing your cats around the neighborhood in a net-covered baby stroller if you haven’t already even though everyone knows full well you have been for years.