I'm honestly surprised he didn't try to incorporate a 4-wheeler into his plan.
Man Knocks Over Hot Tub Attempting To Unload From Trailer By Himself

Because apparently there are actually people out there who are convinced hot tub delivery is a one-man job, this is a video of a man attempting to unload a hot tub from a trailer solo and things going about as well as you’d expect. I don’t get it, at the beginning of the video you can clearly see there’s another person there (and possibly another one holding the camera unless it’s just sitting on something), why didn’t they help? Whatever the case, you couldn’t have done much worse. Backstory:

A family bought this heavy hot tub as a birthday present but didn’t want to pay the delivery charges. So this man decided to take the task of unloading it. He sat in the trailer and tried to push it down. But the hot tub went off balance and flipped out of the trailer.

“Didn’t want to pay the delivery charges” — classic. Maybe they’ll reconsider their willingness to paying the delivery charge on their next hot tub since this one probably cracked during delivery and wasn’t covered under insurance because they decided to unload it themselves. You live and learn. And, at least for some people, you live and don’t learn and die young.