Whatever happened to the car headlight eyelash trend? And thank God.
Maybelline Adds Giant Eyelash To Buses, Trains, Drives Under Giant Mascara Brush

This is a video from Maybelline (FULL DISCLOSURE: I wasn’t born with it, and it isn’t Maybelline either, just hard living) showing off the giant eyelash they attached to London double-decker buses and subway cars to drive under a giant mascara brush of Sky High Mascara. Call me crazy, but I didn’t really notice a difference in the length of the eyelash after the Sky High treatment. I thought this was supposed to make eyelashes look longer and fuller. Thanks but no thanks, a glue stick and feathers work just fine.

Thanks again to JustA, who actually was born with it, and Maybelline just puts her over the edge. Yow yow!