Just another beautiful day in Florida.
Meanwhile In Florida: Semi Doing 60+MPH Down Highway With Man On Hood

Note: Second video contains colorful language, like a rainbow.

Because Florida will never not stop being America’s crazy little penis, these are a couple videos of a semi cruising down the Florida Turnpike with a man hanging on the hood and beating the windshield with a metal bar while the driver tries to shake him off. Some more info while I use the Freedom Of Information Act to find out just what the hell Florida puts in its water supply:

Forida Highway Patrol received a call from the passenger in a Toyota SUV at 1 p.m. Saturday who said that the man he was driving with “began acting strange.” The passenger said the driver then stopped on the southbound ramp of Exit 86 to Boynton Beach, got out of the car, and began walking on the highway, according to FHP.

He then climbed over the median wall from the southbound to the northbound side, slowing traffic. He then jumped on top of a moving semi tractor-trailer and began beating on the windshield with his hands.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? “Meth.” Yep, or what else? “Meth.” Exactly, or possibly a combination of the two.