Free-eth Bird!
Metallica’s ‘The Unforgiven’ And ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Get The Medieval Treatment

Because the king demands entertainment and demands it now, this is a video of Algal the Bard performing bardcore covers of Metallica’s ‘The Unforgiven’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters’ with real instruments not just MIDI files. I’m not sure if these songs particularly lend themselves to being performed in a medieval style or if I just love all bardcore songs and was born 800 years too late to enjoy it at its height of popularity, but– “Is this the thought that keeps you awake at night?” Haha, noooooo — the thought that keeps me up at night is what if the raccoons in the attic chew their way through the ceiling and then there’s nothing separating me from them but a comforter. “Come on, you don’t even have a bed sheet?” I live like a monster.