Mmmm: A Striped Ketchup And Mayo Mix Dispensed In A Toothpaste Tube

This is Rot-Weiß (“red-white”) from German condiment manufacturer Thomy. It consists of a ketchup and mayonnaise mix in a metal tube that dispenses just like striped toothpaste (available on Amazon for ~$10/tube). It’s not toothpaste though, it’s ketchyo (or mayochup). And, as a child at heart who’s never stopped mixing condiments searching for the perfect combo to cover fries/onion rings/a lover’s bod, I’m into it. “No more honey mustard in the bedroom.” Honey! What about– “No, not even one of the little single-serves from McDonald’s.” Curses.

Video below of Taras Kul (aka Crazy Russian Hacker) trying the stuff.