There, I fixed it.
Problem Solving: Hole Cut In Bathroom Door So It Can Swing Past Toilet

This is a short video of some dream-follower that just moved to Los Angeles filming his apartment’s bathroom door, which has a piece cut out of it so it can swing past the shitter.  In his own words while I’m thankful there isn’t a giant hole in my bathroom door to broadcast farts out into the living room:

“At 22 I stuffed my clothes, piano and guitar in my car to move across the country and start my life in Los Angeles, California! I rented my apartment in Hollywood sight unseen. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the CRAZIEST bathroom door I’ve ever seen; an actual hole in the door to fit the toilet. Having anyone come over was hysterical! I guess this is what a young struggling artist has to go through in order to make it in the city where dreams come true. I decided to capture it on video, so I could always remember the good times where I started. I didn’t realize so many people would find it as hilarious as I did. I guess I’ll forever be known for my door! Living the dream and I’m so thankful.”

Well I’m glad to see someone living the dream, although I am surprised the dream involves guests hearing every tinkle you make in the bathroom even if you’re sitting down to pee, which I always do because my standing aim sucks. Also, based on the quality of this door job, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to discover that toilet just empties into the wall between two apartments below.