I need to start wearing more costumes when I watch movies.
Nailed It: Kid In Godzilla Costume Does Impression While Watching Godzilla Movie

This is a short video of a kid in an inflatable Godzilla costume producing his best Godzilla roar while watching Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. In his own words: “NNNNGAAAHAAAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHH! That’s how I…that’s how I lost my voice.” Haha, I believe that. I think the last time I lost my voice I was yelling at some neighborhood kids to get off my lawn. I can’t prove it, but I suspect they’re the same ones who TP’d my house two nights later. Also, I did blame them for the sugar in my gas tank, but not so deep down I know it was me because I’m a sleepwalker and I did have a dream I was trying to bake cookies inside a Transformer.