Step 2: pour all the oat pieces in the trash.
How To: Build A Basic Cereal Marshmallow Sorting Machine

This is a video of Google engineers Lucas and Gotham (I think that’s what he said?) demonstrating the Teachable Sorter they built using Google’s Coral (an on-device AI capable of machine learning without needing access to the cloud) and Teachable Learning (a machine learning model that learns to recognize objects presented to it via previous photos you’ve taken of them) to separate cereal marshmallow bits from the oat bran pieces. Basically it’s an ad for Google products. Alternatively, remove the middle man (read: General Mills), who cuts the good stuff like a shifty drug dealer by adding oat bran nuggets to an otherwise pure product, and buy bags of just the marshmallow bits off Amazon like a normal person (I personally get the 8-pound bag myself). Then fill up your bathtub with them, get super excited about finally fulfilling that lifelong fantasy of yours, then have it dashed when you girlfriend unknowingly starts the shower without looking in the tub. *shaking head despondently* It was like stepping into a melted rainbow. “No pot of gold at the end of that one.” Oh I still pee in the shower if that’s what you mean.