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Owner Helps Cat Retract Extra Long Tongue

This is a short video of Porkchop (sandwiches?!) getting a little help from his owner to retract his extra-long tongue. Some more info while I try to touch my nose with my tongue and my girlfriend wonders if I’m trying to be sexual or just have crumbs in my mustache:

He is 7 years old and I adopted him in October 2021. He has an abnormally long tongue which causes it to hang out of his mouth at all times. …When it’s hanging out a lot, we’ll give it a little tap to ‘reset’ him and he’ll pull it back into his mouth and stick it back out just a little.

Awww, nice going adopting an older cat. That is good stuff. FUN FACT: My dog’s tongue gets stuck hanging out of her mouth from time to time and I try to touch it as much as possible when it does because it doesn’t happen every day, and you’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot.