Coming At Ya!: Tesla Helps Avoid Flying Tire On Highway
This is a video from a Tesla Model 3 on Interstate 605 in Los Angeles of a rogue tire that the car helps avoid. In the driver’s own words, who wants to make it clear he’s the real hero here, but the car did help a litle, like a mediocre
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Valuable Information: Comparing Arbitrary Video Game Numbers
This is a video from Reigarw Comparisons comparing various numbers from different video game franchises. Things like number of guns in Fortnite, champions in League Of Legends, number of Pokemon, number of different cosmetics available in Team Fortress 2, planets in No Man’s Sky, etc., etc. The numbers start at
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Holy Smokes!: This Entirely Edible Gingerbread Venom Bust
This is the gingerbread Venom bust created by Norwegian gingerbread artist Caroline Eriksson. As you can see, it’s totally nuts. Some more info from Caroline while I try to take a selfie tongue-kissing the thing without breaking it: Finished my gingerbread symbiote bust after a couple of weeks and a
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Compilation Video Of Crushing Various Objects Encased In Jell-O In A Fast Shredder
This is a rather satisfying, possibly ASMR video of Youtuber Gojzer crushing a variety of different objects both in regular form and encased in Jell-O, using a fast shredder. The sound that Jell-O makes reminds me of of when I used to squish it in-between my teeth as a kid.
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Wow: Cake Artist’s Hyperrealistic Egg McMuffin Cake
This is a video of Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio walking us through her process of creating a life-size, hyperrealistic McDonald’s Egg McMuffin cake. Clearly, Natalie has the skills to pay the bills. Hopefully mine, because my water is getting cut off on Friday and I lost One-Eyed Willie’s
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But What About Your Wings?: Chemist Finds Way To Decaffeinate His RedBull
Seen here looking like a man who’s no stranger to questioning what he just drank, this is a video of chemist and Youtuber NileRed discussing and experimenting with ways to remove caffeine from RedBull because, and I quote, “For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a big
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Problem Solving: Pulling Lawn Mower Behind Car To Mow Lot
This is a very short video from– “Let me guess, Florida.” Haha, nine out of ten times absolutely, but not today. This is a video from Lakeside, Texas of a Mercedes SUV towing a push lawnmower behind it (effectively making it a pull mower) to do what will unquestionably be
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Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Wearing A Rubber Horse Head Mask
This is a video of one of Boston Dynamics’ Spot quadruped robots with a custom pink paint job and wearing a rubber horse head mask. Is this really the best use of a $75,000 robot? Some would argue not, but those people would be wrong and giving this robot entirely
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