Strike one for me!
Making Giant S’more Stuffed Edible Chocolate Matches

This is a video of pastry chef Amaury Guichon (previously) constructing an entirely edible giant box of matches, with each match having a s’mores stuffed head. COUNT ME IN. Some more details about the fiery dessert while my 1/2 cup of plain granola meal prep dessert looks progressive less appetizing:

[The match heads] are composed of two crunchy vanilla sable cups, a milk chocolate caramel ganache, a milk chocolate spread. All wrapped in a caramelized vanilla marshmallow, and a thin layer of colored white chocolate. The matchsticks are made with a caramelized white chocolate and smoked with oak wood! the box it self is crafted out of 100% chocolate.

Do you think you could eat a whole matchstick in one sitting? I bet I could. Overindulgence is my middle name. “I thought it was Dragonlord.” Depends on the situation, but right now it’s Gluttony. “You just said it was Overindulgence.” Whatever, call me Sir Eatalot.