Yay! Hot dog party!
‘Raccoon Whisperer’ Feeding A Bunch Of Local Raccoons From His Hot Dog Bucket

These are a couple delightful videos of self-proclaimed Raccoon Whisperer Jim Blackwood feeding some of the raccoons in his neighborhood from a bucket of hot dogs. Man, add some ketchup and relish to that buffet and I can be there tonight. Per some delightful Youtube commenters:

100 years from now the raccoons in those parts will still be talking about Jim and his hot dog feasts!

In the raccoon kingdom there is a statue of Jim, he is revered daily.

Jim’s Raccoon Restaurant. Tonight’s Special: Hot Dogs. Served Tableside

What a beautiful, beautiful creature. “Jim or the raccoons?” Both. I could really use more neighbors like Jim here, and less like the, well, like the actual jerks I have to live around. “Have you ever considered maybe you’re the jerk?” Only briefly, but I rejected the null hypothesis using the scientific method. “You peed into a Bunsen burner to see if the flame would change color.” I DID SCIENCE.

Keep going for two videos, but be sure to check out Jim’s Youtube channel if this is the content you’ve been looking for.