*rolls 1, fails fire check*
Roll To See Who Catches Fire: A D20 Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like staring into a fire, you know? Especially when that fire is a burning goblin camp. This is the D20 fire pit available from Bellingham, Washington based Etsy shop FoxFabricationLLC. The 90-pound, 1/4 steel pit is available completely assembled ($400 +$300 shipping with any shipping cost under $300 refunded), or as two $145 weld-it-yourself kits (plus shipping, both required but sold separately to ensure 70-lb max flat rate shipping option). Alternatively, if you live near Bellingham, Washington or don’t mind a drive you can opt for free local pick up. Me? I always opt for free local pickup because I like to get out of the house whenever I can. “And stay out!” my dad always jokes when he’s slamming the door behind me. That guy — wait are you changing the locks?