Imagine that thing sticking out of the hood of your truck!
Starting Up A 3-Story Diesel Engine

This is a video from the Diesel House museum in Denmark of its still functional B&W 2000 8-cylinder diesel engine starting, which was the world’s largest when it was built in 1933 through the 1960’s. The gigantic engine measures approximately 81 feet long, 41 feet tall, weighs 1,400 tons (almost 3-million pounds), and used to provide electric power to the H. C. Ørsted Power Station in Stokholm, producing 22,500 horsepower. Granted it was built in 1933, but that’s pretty gigantic to only produce 22,500 horsepower. But what sort of MPG does it get? And why did my lifted truck loving coworker just yell “BOYOYOYOING!” when I sent him the video?