I pooped to go even faster, daddy!
The CDC’s Graphic Cartoon Warnings To Not Let Your Kids Swim With Diarrhea

Because shit happens (sometimes in the car when my girlfriend is driving and she can’t get me to a restroom fast enough and I have no choice but to crawl into the back seat and lay on my stomach, telling her I’ll understand if she decides to leave me and sobbing with all the windows down for the rest of the ride home), these are a couple relatively graphic cartoon reminders from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminding parents to not let their children swim with diarrhea. Will parents actually heed the warning? I doubt it. “Pfft, the chlorine will kill it. Besides, it’s not like it’s actually going to leave a skid mark on the water slide,” I imagine a parent justifying to themselves while roughly applying sunscreen to their diarrhea’d child.

Keep going for the cartoon in animated gif form in case you needed to see that.