Oh, internet. Internet, internet, internet.
The Top Google Searches For 2020, Visualized

Note: this isn’t the whole thing, see below for the entire graph.

This is a visualization created by Roshaan Khan detailing the top global Google search queries for 2020, using the data from Google Trends’ ‘Year In Search’ report. As you can see, people are very quick to lose interest in things. Except death and TikTok, they can’t seem to get enough of those. So — are you thinking what I’m thinking?! “Not if it involves inventing an app called DeathTok.” I’m gonna be richer than Jeb Bevos! “Jeff Bezos?” Whatever, he’s a peasant to me now.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees if you aren’t Googling how to pronounce aluminum backwards what are you even doing with your life.