Good girl!
Tripod Dog Gets A Custom 3D Printed Front Leg

This is a video from creator Marques Brownlee, highlighting his visit to New Jersey based 3D Pets, which specializes in fabricating 3D printed prosthetics for pets. In the video, former stray Chloe is fitted with a new front leg after losing hers to the rough streets of Oklahoma.

Cleo is an awesome dog. She’s one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met. .. She was found on Petfinder after she spent some time as a stray in Oklahoma with injuries from unknown causes. Now hanging out with Cleo and just playing with her, like you’d almost forget, like you wouldn’t even know that she’s missing a leg ’cause she’s just running around, chasing stuff, playing fetch.

Pets missing limbs unsurprisingly compensate for the loss by overtaxing other parts of their body, which can lead to arthritis and other joint problems in the future, so having a prosthetic replacement helps ensure their healthy longevity. And you know how I feel about pet longevity. “You’d doom the entire human race just to spend another year with a good dog.” I’d push the button right now if I could.