Out that door! Out that door now! *baboon barks loudly* I'm gonna step out for a second, you just take care.
Valuable Info: How To Rid Your House Of A Baboon Infestation

Because life, uh, finds a way, this is a video of Howard James Fyvie and pals trying to rid their home of a baboon infestation in South Africa. Their technique basically involves a bunch of yelling and waving a broom around, so they didn’t really teach me anything I didn’t already know, and I hope I wasn’t expected to pay for this TED Talk. “Ted Talks are free.” Note to self: cancel TED Talk. So yeah, yell and wave a broom around. Alternatively, just use some of my patented Baboon-B-Gone spray. “I just saw you pee in that bottle.” It might work.