Vintage Media Fan Finds And Remasters Television Footage Of Original Moon Landing

Youtuber Retrofreak84, who I’m guessing was born in 1984 and is 40 years old this year (now I Just need the city he was born in and first pet’s name and I will become Retrofreak), took a gamble on an eBay listing for a vintage Sony Video Tape for a Heliscan reel to reel recorder that was labeled ‘Man On The Moon I’. What was it? Exactly what it said it was — one hour of the original NBC broadcast of the moon landing from 1969. In the video, Retrofreak takes us through the process of cleaning, digitizing, and restoring the tape to produce the best quality result. “Hard to believe the government has been keeping up this hoax for over 50 years now.” Grandma! “What?” I’m 100% with you, now how about making some of your homemade applesauce?