Still not enough legroom.
I’m Floating Jack!: Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship Interior

This is a video unveiling the interior of the Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwos the company plans to use to send rich people briefly into space, to the tune of around $250,000+ per ticket. Will that include complimentary beverage service? It better. Also, where’s the bed? I thought the whole purpose of this endeavor was so rich people could have weightless sex in space. Did I misread between the lines? “Who needs a bed if you’re floating?” My God *throws hat on ground, stomps in jubilation* when you’re right, you’re right!

Keep going for several more renderings and the video, but skip all the way to 19:10 for the beginning of the cabin unveiling, and 22:00 for the actual unveiling, beginning with seat design (WTF, I know).