Jesus and I have the same middle initial!
Where the H In Jesus H. Christ Came From

This is a video of biblical scholar/The Flash fan Dan McClellan discussing where the H in Jesus H. Christ likely came from. You know I love a good origin story! Basically, it’s believed it came from a christogram (a letter symbol used to represent ‘Jesus,’ ‘Christ,’ or ‘Jesus Christ,’ e.g. the X is XMas) using the first 3 letters of ‘Jesus’ in Greek (iota, eta, sigma). This was transliterated as IHS, then transliterated into Latin as IHC. When the letter J was added in the 17th century it came JHC, which appear to be his initials, hence, Jesus H. Christ was born (in a manger). Of course there’s an alternative, much less popular theory that I’ve been trying to circulate that the H is actually part of Jesus’s full name, and he was given his father’s (God’s) first name as his middle. Per the Lord’s prayer: “Our Father, who art in heaven, Howard be thy name.” Food for thought! Probably a communion cracker.