"Condensation." Riiiiiight.
Whoa: Plane Taking Off And Producing Crazy Condensation

This is a video of a Boeing 747 departing from Anchorage, Alaska and producing some insane condensation in the process. It almost looks like a smoke screen. Of course anybody worth their weight in idiotic conspiracy theories and believing everything they read online knows good and well this isn’t actually condensation at all, but a leak in the plane’s chemtrail deployment system. I remember one time a plane was spreading chemtrails not far from my apartment so I went outside and stuck my tongue out to catch some like snowflakes to see if I could identify what chemicals they were by the taste. “How did that work out for you?” I swallowed a bee and almost died. “The government’s plan all along.” Why those no-good rat bastards!

Keep going for this short video, as well as a “best of” planes producing condensation while taking off from Anchorage because it exists.

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  1. Megatron Jenkins

    Thanks for another story from my home, GW!

  2. James Mcelroy

    It’s obvious they had a malfunction and prematurely released the chemtrail smoke. Duh.