Glass: some people forget it exists.
Woman Making TikTok Video Of Hotel View Walks Into Window

Note: Sound on.

This is a TikTok clip from user claralilalou, who presumably just set her bags down and was planning on taking a little “getting out of bed to enjoy the beautiful balcony view” video when she walks into the crystal-clear glass window separating her hotel room from the outdoors. Glass: it’s tricky for some people. A lot of dogs too. Same goes for screen doors, and my girlfriend still has the embarrassing video of me to prove it, despite how many times I’ve tried using her sleeping face to unlock her phone so I can delete it. That sleeping mask is killing me.


It hurted lol

♬ son original – Clara ✌🏻

Video HERE in case your browser hates rooms with a view.

Thanks to JustA, who agrees this is exactly why you should always walk around with your arms stretched out like a zombie.