Woman Pranks Husband With Talon Toenail Pedicure

This is a short TikTok video from theteetfamily (nice, I’m a teet guy myself) of the wife pranking the husband with her new talon toenail pedicure. I like how he’s so confused he starts holding his nose. That’s when you know your brain is broken. Or maybe her feet stink. My feet stink. Still, talon toenails — why does he care so much? Unless she’s stabbing you with them under the covers at night or you find one in your breakfast cereal, what’s the big deal?


The things I do to freak this man out ##SaveIt4TheEndZone ##MakeADogsDay ##couple ##marriedlife ##fakenails

♬ original sound – The Teets

Thanks again to my dad, who agrees there’s no way those things aren’t a necessary ingredient in high-level witch’s potions.