Now taste that rainbow!
1,000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps Being Set Off In Glorious Slow-Motion Chain Reaction

Slow motion: hands down one of my favorite motions besides *pats waterbed, winks* the motion of the ocean. This is a video of Gav of the Slow-Mo Guys carefully placing 1,000 mousetraps covered with dry paint pigment, then setting them all off in a glorious chain reaction, all filmed in ultra slow-motion. The first 6:30 consists of clips of him setting up the mousetraps over the course of ten hours though, so I can’t recommend watching that unless you have absolutely nothing else to do. Just skip to 6:30 for the action to begin. Glorious, colorful action. I’m closing my eyes right now and I can still see it. “No, you’re still watching the video.” Well sure, but I probably could if I wanted. *closes eyes* Oh, no, naked ladies.