What are we waiting for?! Put on your spacesuit and let's go!
12-Year Timelapse Of Planets Orbiting Distant Star

This is a 12-year timelapse packed into just 7 seconds of four planets orbiting star HR 8799, some 133.3 lightyears (40.9 parsecs, like that’ll make it much more relatable) from earth. HR 8799, located in the constellation of Pegasus, is about 1.5 times as large as our own sun, and nearly 5x as luminous. All four planets orbiting the star are larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our own solar system. The star system is believed to have formed around 30 million years ago, making it even newer than dinosaur doomsday here on earth. Fascinating. I can’t wait to repeat all this information to my coworkers over cocktails at happy hour and really wow them! Or have them all make excuses to leave early. Fine, but you have to leave right now and I get to finish your drinks.