Now make it breathe fire!
6,500 Piece Golden LEGO Dragon Heralds The Lunar New Year

Constructed by ingenious LEGO builder Donny Chen (aka SleepyCow), this 6,500 piece scale-covered golden dragon was built entirely from LEGO (albeit using some unusual pieces). And just in time too, because the Year Of The Dragon begins this Saturday (February 10th). Are you a dragon? I’m a rooster. If you are a dragon, do you mind if I piggyback on your good luck this year? I could really use it. We’re still five years away from another rooster, and who knows if the world will survive that long. The dragon features a very unique armature (seen below) to hold its shape, which is mindblowing in and of itself. How do people come up with this stuff? I can’t even build a 400 piece LEGO set following the instructions. I blame not being able to tell what’s changed from one picture to the next. You know those ‘Spot the 7 Differences’ photo puzzles? “You’re still looking for your first difference.” One of these days!