Now let's go kick the tanks and play in the fire!
AK-47 Versus Stacks Of Propane Tanks

Because if you don’t blow something up every day can you really say you lived that day to the fullest, this is a video of firearm lovers Edwin Sarkissian and Mark Serbu shooting up a wall of propane tanks. As much as I do love explosions and fires (I’d marry them or at least date them long-term if I could), I can’t help but feel like this was wasteful. I mean three of those tanks would have gotten me through all the grilling I do in the summer. *proudly holds up ‘Mr. Good Lookin’ Is Cookin” apron* My girlfriend got me this. “It was meant for a friend’s birthday but he opened the package when it came.” IT WAS FOR ME AND IT’S ACCURATE.