Oh man that riced veggies bag would work like a charm.
All Mine: A Clever Cookie Hiding Hack

Because nobody better lay a finger on my, uh, cookies, this is a short video posted by Oreo’s official TikTok showing a very clever way to hide your snacks in plain sight — by covering them with an outer wrapper that looks like something else. It appears Oreo professionally printed these on their actual packaging to hide different places around the house (and car), but you could do something similar by putting your cookies in an empty bag of something healthy. Of course this would never work in my house because you need to hide the snacks in a product the rest of your family believes you’d actually have in the pantry, and what’s the purpose of trying to hide OREOs in Chips Ahoy and Pepperidge Farm bags?


No one can eat your THINS if they can’t find them! 👀#THINSProtectionProgram #oreo #oreocookies #oreothins

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