"...And I apologize for my cat's tail..."
Compilation Of Pets Interrupting Work From Home Videos And Interviews

Because even domesticated animals like to act wild, these are two compilation videos (first cats, then dogs) assembled by Youtube channel Funny Video Compilations featuring pets interrupting people’s at-home work videos and news interviews. There are some SOLID interruptions in there, and I highly recommend watching both videos back-to-back with nothing in-between but a snack and a bathroom break. And speaking of bathroom breaks– “You’ve been on the can for the last hour and a half?” See, if I was at home I would just crawl off the toilet until I regained feeling in my legs, but I don’t want to touch the floor here. “Where are you?” Honestly I’ve been in here so long I’ve forgotten. Starbucks maybe? Definitely somewhere with Wi-Fi. And definitely somewhere with somebody angry on the other side of the bathroom door, that’s for sure.

Keep going for the videos, which are in this order: 1) cats 2) dogs.