Look at my breasts! Hey not you, pervert!
BFFs: Goose Protects Dog Friend From Goat

This is a video of Sally the (silly) goose chasing a goat away from her friend Rose the Great Pyrenees, because that’s what friends are for. Except for my friends. My friends are apparently for coordinating their exit and leaving me with a hefty bar tab.

“Our new goose Sally became smitten with Rose the Great Pyrenees who guards our goats. Geese are also natural guardians and now ‘guards’ Rosie from the goats. She continues to ‘protect’ Rosie every day.”

So you have a goose protecting a dog from the goats it’s supposed to be protecting. I’m not gonna lie, that’s a pretty wild protection triangle. Me? I don’t need any protecting because I have an amulet. “No, he has a soap on a rope.” Honey! “What?” Scrub the parts of my back I can’t reach?