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Blue Angel Performs Ultra-Low Beach Pass At 700MPH

This is a video from Pensacola Beach, Florida of the Blue Angel Lead Solo performing its signature Sneak Pass at 700MPH during the Blue Angels’ final airshow of their 75th Anniversary season. I wish I could have been there to really feel that fly-by in my loins, you know? Would it have been enough to get my other ball to drop? Only next year’s road trip to Florida will tell! I also like how the person filming was recording in portrait mode and was so stupefied by the pass that they just start filming the ground as soon as it happens. That is not how you win an Oscar for best cinematography. That is also not how you win a giant stuffed animal on the boardwalk. That is only how you end up getting your video posted on Born In Space, which is the greatest prize a person could ask for.