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Can A Person Swim Just As Fast In Syrup As Water? SPOILER: Yes

In I’m pretty sure I remember a Mythbusters episode about this news, this is a video of The Action Lab half-heartedly experimenting to see if a swimmer (read: wind-up turtle toy) can swim just as fast in syrup as in water. The idea is that although syrup is more viscous, you’re able to push off of it more to propel yourself forward. Apparently there was a research paper published by the University Of Minnesota that actually had swimmers (both professional and non-professional) swim in regular water then water filled with guar gum to make it twice as viscous as water, then compare their times. The result? There was almost no difference. Fascinating! Of course this only accounts for syrup that’s twice as viscous as water, I’m not sure what would happen if the syrup were say, four or five times as viscous. Besides, the biggest factor that’s going to affect a swimmer’s time when they’re swimming in syrup vs water is how often they stop to drink that syrup, and whether it causes cramps.