Mario Andretti over here.
Coming In Hot!: Guy In Souped Up Golf Cart Fails To Navigate Turn Into Parking Lot

This is some outdoor security cam footage of a man in a souped up golf cart *starts pricing golf carts and mods online* who decides to try taking a turn into a parking lot like this is his stunt reel for getting cast in the next Fast & Furious movie, and rolls the thing into the back of a Subaru like a dingaling. You will never meet Vin Diesel:

my neighbor who owns a business took a golf cart and supped [sic] it up. Note owner of golf cart not in the video. No one was injured. The driver did not have permission to take on-road.

“The driver did not have permission to take on-road.” You mean by the golf cart’s owner, or local law? Because there’s a difference. Like if a friend tells me not to do something, I’m still going to do it anyway. But if the law says I can’t do something– “You’re still gonna do it anyway.” Haha, I guess there isn’t a difference after all.