Compilation Of One Man’s Incredible Trick Shots

This is a short video of dare-to-dreamer Casey Loftus demonstrating a variety of his very impressive trick shots. He’s got everything: chipping a golf ball into the mouth of a five-gallon water jug, throwing a book in between two other books on a bookshelf, banking a Wii disk off the wall and into the console, chipping two golf balls in two different cups simultaneously, kicking a roll of toilet paper onto a holder, chipping a Wii game disk into the console, bouncing a pingpong ball down a line of cocktail glasses into a cup, throwing a pingpong ball into the hole in a closet door, bouncing a pingpong ball into the hole in a roll of wrapping paper and into a cup, and blindfold hitting a Wii game disk into a console with a pingpong paddle, and that’s it I just listed them all in order. So, if you were wondering what *calculating total time awake since pandemic started* 5,728 hours of effort condensed to 57 seconds looks like, this is it.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees dream it, and you can achieve it, even if it takes forever and in the end might not have been worth it.