No ranch? That's not a salad!
Conveyor Belt Rube Goldberg Machine Feeds A 5-Course Meal

Because dream it and you can achieve it (in this case through trial-and-error), this is a video of Joseph of Joseph’s Machines and his friends being fed a five course meal by a conveyor belt powered Rube Goldberg machine. It’s pretty awesome, and if I could be fed all my meals just by sitting in my chair, that would be great. But nooooo, I have to pick at things with a fork and then accidentally poke myself in the cheek. Whatever happened to my mom pretended the fork was an airplane and flying food to my mouth? I didn’t realize it at the time (probably because I was two), but those were the days. Just eating and pooping and crying and napping. I didn’t even know what the government was!

Keep going for the video while I build one of those ramming dessert cabooses for myself.