Lasers make everything better.
Coooool: Laser Pointer + Glow In The Dark Record

These are two TikTok videos of artist Tee Ken Ng making cool patterns on a glow-in-the-dark vinyl record with a laser pointer as the record spins on a turntable. That’s neat. Now I want a want a glow-in-the-dark record. And a laser pointer. But nooooooo, my mom took mine away from me because “You can’t give your sister LASIK,” even though I have a pretty steady hand.

@teekenng Drawing with a laser pointer on a record that I covered with glow in the dark vinyl 🌀👽 The laser energises the phosphors in the #photoluminescent vinyl causing it to glow. As they lose their charge the older lines fade creating the trail effect. #hypnotic #vinylart #laser #spiral #liveanimation ♬ Space Walk – Lemon Jelly

@teekenng Laser pointer + glow-in-the-dark vinyl 🔦💥 #liveanimation #vinyl #vinylart #tgif ♬ When A Fire Starts To Burn – Disclosure