Note to self: don't go acrobatic paragliding.
Damn!: Paraglider Manages To Open Emergency Chute One Second Before Impact

This is a video of (I assume former) acrobatic paraglider Kevin Philipp, who was doing some loopty loops and swirly birdies above Spain when he got completely tangled up in his lines (allegedly due to turbulence), sending him plummeting towards earth. After initially failing to deploy his emergency chute, he manages to rip it open mere moments before what would have surely been an unpleasant impact. So, if you were wondering what almost dying looks like, this is it. Me? I can’t be killed because– “Just stop it, you’re not an undead warlock.” No, I was going to say because God wants me alive to suffer more. “Oh.” That’s why he MADE ME an undead warlock.