Finally, The $200 Raccoon Holding A Lightbulb Lamp Of Your Dreams

Have $200 burning a hole in your pocket and been on the lookout for a bronze or white colored raccoon holding a lightbulb lamp? Well then you’re in luck my friend, because Anthropologie is selling them! Cast from resin, the lamps will certainly “add a bit of whimsy to a library, bedroom, or kid’s play room” per the product description. Trying to wrap my head around buying a $200 raccoon lamp for a kid’s play room aside, economically speaking I think you might be better off…you know. “Hoping to find a cheap taxidermy raccoon and adding a light bulb yourself.” BINGO. Alternatively, just leave your back door open and create a trail of cat food into your home and forget about lamps, now you have real-life raccoons in your house! And that *zip-tying the refrigerator closed* is whimsy money can’t buy.