Put it on my Blockbuster.
Finally, The Blockbuster Membership Credit Card Skin We’ve All Been Waiting For

Because what better way to pay than with nostalgia, this is the Blockbuster Membership Card skin for sale by Etsy seller OdocoCustoms for $8. Available in four styles (chip cutout only, name and # cutout, chip and name cutout, and no cutout at all), you’ll be the envy of everyone around when they see you whip out and pay with what appears to be a video rental membership card. “Um, did that handsome devil just pay with an old Blockbuster card?” I imagine people wondering aloud to their friends while my debit card is in the process of being declined because my bank account, like Scorpion’s rival, is Sub-Zero.

Thanks to Juliet, who agrees they need to make one that looks like an Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass. Talk about making people jealous!