Space fairies!
Whoa!: Footage Of Space Capsule Reentering Atmosphere at Mach 25

This is a video captured aboard a Varda space capsule launched by SpaceX that’s reentering the earth’s atmosphere at around Mach 25, or around 17,500MPH. That’s fast. Varda developed the W1 capsule for companies that want to test or manufacture in space (in this case, drug manufacturing in zero-gravity). The capsules will be blasted into space by commercial flights, then returned to earth once the testing/manufacture is complete. Me? Everything I shoot into space I never want to see again. That’s why I aim everything right at the sun and yell “F**k You!” when I push the launch button.

Keep going for the video, which features some stunning orbital footage of our flat earth before atmospheric reentry begins around 2:00, and things really getting wild around 3:00.